“Empowering people through functional personal training, massage therapy and education..”

– ReAlignment Lab

Kyle and Amanda - Realignment Lab Whistler

Welcome to ReAlignment Lab

Many people live with muscle tightness, weakness, instability or pain. Sports injuries, overuse and aging can be the downside of pursuing a highly active outdoors lifestyle.

But did you know that pain is not normal? That you don’t have to just “live with it”?

At ReAlignment Lab we offer a unique combination of massage therapy and personal training to help treat chronic pain, functionality, and body dysfunction.

We begin by addressing your body’s soft tissue tightness, restrictions and compensation patterns through massage therapy and home care exercises, and then support this transformation with strength training to reinforce correct body alignment, create stability and increase mobility.

In addition, we provide you with the tools and education to get you moving better, safer and in “alignment,” so you can live pain-free, and enjoy being healthy and active now and into the future.

We invite you to get in touch, to find out how we can help you reach your health, body and performance goals.

Amanda and Kyle

Realignment Lab Whistler

We provide the answers to these problems.

We also provide tools and knowledge to empower people to be able to support their lifestyle, to age comfortably and gracefully, and to stay active and healthy.

At ReAlignment Lab we use Massage Therapy to address the body’s soft tissue tightness, restrictions and compensation patterns, then we use Strength Training to reinforce correct body alignment, create stability and increase mobility.

We believe this collaboration is the key to long term health, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

RE.AL: (ReAlignment Lab)

Our ethos is to use Massage Therapy and Personal Training to support active lifestyles, especially in the mountains.

Check out how we help our clients (and ourselves!) live their mountain lifestyle. 

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