“Our mission is to use massage therapy and strength training to help clients live strong, pain-free and active lives.”

– ReAlignment Lab


Functional Yoga and Mobility

Classes for full body mobility and recovery, the perfect complement to KyleKamp and other fitness pursuits

Small group classes with Amanda.

Our functional yoga and mobility classes are designed with athletes in mind, to improve range of motion, mobility and aid in recovery. This is not a traditional yoga practice, and no previous yoga experience is necessary.

Classes involve yoga poses and styles to enhance your movements in the gym. This complementary practice will help to enhance recovery and improve range of motion/mobility. We use foam rollers and massage balls to target specific soft tissue restrictions, and basic meditation and breathing mechanics to encourage performance and recovery.

Recovery is just as important as a good training routine. If the body does not recover through rest and self care we can be vulnerable to injury, burnout and lose the potential to grow muscle and improve overall fitness.

Group classes cannot be booked online, please contact us via the contact form or email info@realignmentlab.com to register!


Tuesday: 6:30 PM 
Mobility tools will be used during class, we sell mobility equipment if needed.
Classes can be taken live or recorded for a flexible schedule.


Classes cannot be booked online. Please contact us or email info@realignmentlab.com to register!

ReAlignment Package

The concept that started it all: massage + functional training

We’ve discovered that pairing massage and functional training together is more powerful than using one modality alone. Massage addresses pain and soft tissue restrictions, while strength training helps keep the body moving correctly. When the body moves in alignment it is not only happier, but it is also more productive and efficient, making us stronger and improving our endurance.

As we understand, every ‘body’ is different and in need of different approaches, sometimes more massage and less training is needed initially to break pattern overloads and cumulative injury cycles.

Classes cannot be booked online. Please contact us or email info@realignmentlab.com to register!


The ultimate health and fitness program!

Our ‘Next Level’ Package combines all the benefits that ReAlignment Lab has to offer.  Nothing restarts our health like a complete overhaul of our fitness routine and nutrition habits.
Next Level has been designed for anyone wanting to take their body and health to the ‘Next Level’. Whether it is for health, sport or aesthetic reasons; it’s a tough but incredibly rewarding journey. We aim to educate you along the way so by the time the program is finished you know exactly how to continue your health and self care at home.
This is a popular option for people who already have some fitness and are wanting to get back into the ‘best shape of your life’, also great for those you need the motivation and accountability. If you have any pain, injuries or movement dysfunctions that you are wanting to overcome, check out our ReAlignment Package.

Classes cannot be booked online. Please contact us or email info@realignmentlab.com to register!

Lift Classes

Small classes that focus on the main three: Bench Press, Squats and Deadlifts

Strength training with a barbell for anyone who wants to improve their knowledge, technique and capacity of lifting. Paired perfectly with KyleKamp for total body fitness.


Personal training with Kyle or Amanda

Connect one-on-one for a personalized and unique session for your specific body needs and goals, with a strong emphasis on correct alignment and technique 


Personal training with Kyle or Amanda

Join us from the comfort of your own home or gym for one-on-one sessions involving personalized service specific to your goals.

These sessions have a strong emphasis on correct alignment, movement and technique.


Private personal training designed for small groups of Max4

Group goals are the focus, with emphasis on technique and body alignment. Great option for couples, or groups training for the same event.
Amanda working out at Realignment Lab Whistler
Personal Training - Realignment Lab Whistler
Personal Training - Realignment Lab Whistler