"Having a good mobility and self-care routine is the biggest gift you can give your body, it'll thank you everyday."

– ReAlignment Lab


We sell basic home gym equipment and tools to help keep you mobile and strong, in and outside of the gym. 
Whether it’s a stiff back from a long day at work, muscle aches after a hard day on the mountain, or pain from an injury, having the tools in your home to support your recovery and wellbeing is imperative.
In order to encourage a good self-care routine we stock most items that can be used at home (or on the road!) to help you deal with whatever comes up so you can always feel and perform your best.
Did you know we also offer home gym consultation services? We aim to help clients create their dream gym space in their own home or business. If you would like to learn more reach out to us today!
(Local pickup for fitness and mobility equipment. We offer shipping inside Canada for our merchandise products only).