COREFX Adjustable Wrist and Ankle Weights


The COREFX Adjustable Wrist and Ankle Weights come in a set of two. Each weight easily adjusts up to 5 lbs to provide a great addition to home and gym workout routines. Designed to help improve strength, balance, and coordination, this portable and versatile set can be worn on both your wrists and ankles.

Features: Adjustable Weights: features 5 removable sand pockets for each weight. Each sand pocket is 0.97 lb. Each individual Wrist and Ankle Weight can be adjusted from 1–5 lbs, by either adding or removing the inserts.

One Size Fits Most: the adjustable weights can extend in length to 14.56″, with an adjustable Velcro strap. Designed to fit ankles and wrists of all sizes.

Top Quality and Comfort: constructed with a neoprene exterior and reinforced stitching on the durable outer trim.

In stock (can be backordered)