"Massage has shown to increase health and wellbeing by manipulating soft tissues to reduce muscle tightness, pain and stress."

– ReAlignment Lab

Massage Therapy

Exercise and movement is a vital part of life and a healthy lifestyle. However, most activities can involve repetitive movements, or pattern overloads, which can lead to muscle and strength asymmetry, connective tissue adhesions, and compensation patterns in the rest of the body. All these factors can lead to pain, overuse injuries or accumulative strains.

Massage therapy at ReAlignment Lab addresses these issues to help people have optimal function in performance and life.

In order to provide a specific and comprehensive treatment, all clients will need to book an initial treatment of 120min which includes overal assessments, interview, 90min treatment and home care exercises. This will be offered at a discounted rate of $250.

A treatment care plan will then be designed moving forward. After that 60min, 90min or 120min treatments are available.

As a general guide, 60min is suitable for one focus area (neck, or lower back), if you have two or more areas requiring attention, or wanting a full body massage, 90min or 120min is more suitable.

*Please note that to help heal the body and break chronic pain cycles or compensation patterns, a series of treatments are recommended. Usually 1-3 massages a week and then slowly spread out to 1-3 massages a month.*

Mobile Massage Available!*

*Package prices are subject to GST.
* Mobile massage fees apply.


A combination of mobility, exercises and bodywork to create more functionality 
Compensations in the body are common and often difficult to treat. We’ve found that pain and tissue tightness can go hand-in-hand with biomechanical dysfunctions.
We believe the best way to ‘unlearn’ compensation patterns in the body is to first address tissue tightness then simultaneously train or teach the body to utilize the correct muscles and movement pathways.
Focus on correct form is vital when retraining the body on how to function optimally and in alignment for the long term.
During this active session you will do exercises and be put into positions of restriction to help encourage openness and mobility.
*Package prices are subject to GST.


Full body rejuvenation for expectant mothers
Massage therapy has been demonstrated to help support pregnant women with discomfort, pain, anxiety, depression and hormone control.
We are excited to announce the arrival of our heavenly pregnancy pillow set that allows clients to lay face down with full tummy and chest support. This special, made-to-order pregnancy pillow set is from Australia.
Please note we ask clients to have the full support and consent from their family doctor for massage therapy before any sessions commence.
*Package prices are subject to GST.


Please note that receipts for RMT massages are not available. While Amanda is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist from Australia, her qualifications have not been transferred to BC.

* Please note all packages have an expiry of 6 months.

Please contact us or email info@realignmentlab.com to book your package today!


Finding a way forward with Massage and Mobility
Chronic pain is not only debilitating and life altering, but can also be a tough journey both physically and emotionally. Massage therapy addresses pain and soft tissue restrictions, while mobility and strength exercises prevent falling back into pain cycles and dysfunction. 

The pain-free package is a monthly program designed to re-educate the body and mind to shift out of chronic pain cycles and start rehabilitating towards a healthier and happier life. 
* Please note all packages have an expiry of 6 months.

Please contact us or email info@realignmentlab.com to book your package today!

The ReAlignment Approach...
How does Amanda treat?


Amanda takes a unique approach to both personal training and massage therapy through using her ability to “read” the body. When a client is on the table, in conjunction with their movement patterns and heath history, Amanda is able to tell which areas are weak or “not firing correctly” and which areas are overcompensating. She has developed this special capability over many years of work and research; nothing hones abilities like 1000s of hands-on massage hours!

Through careful and thorough assessment, Amanda is able to provide beneficial massage treatments and tailor an individualised home care treatment plan for her clients. By following the treatment plan, which will include mobility exercises, clients are able to learn how to release the overactive areas of their body. Specific strength training is then recommended to show and educate the client on how to ‘teach’ their weaker muscles to do their jobs properly— with the ultimate aim of moving and feeling better.


Our body is a unique and amazing machine. However, occasionally it can develop habits that enable it to still perform a function, regardless of pain, injury or weakness.

We call these compensation patterns.

If a muscle, or muscle group is performing an action that it was not designed to do, potentially picking up ‘the slack’ of an injured area. It will slowly become overworked and can result in further injury or more compensation patterns, like a domino effect.

Compensation patterns can develop over months or over years, but can be rehabilitated with specific strength training, mobility and soft tissue therapy.

– Amanda Eggleton – Remedial Massage Specialist / CPT