"Having a good mobility and self-care routine is the biggest gift you can give your body, it'll thank you everyday."

– ReAlignment Lab

functional yoga & Mobility

Classes for full body mobility and recovery, the perfect complement to KyleKamp and other fitness pursuits.
Small group classes with Amanda.

Our functional yoga and mobility classes are designed with athletes in mind, to improve range of motion, mobility and aid in recovery. This is not a traditional yoga practice, and no previous yoga experience is necessary.

Classes involve yoga poses and styles to enhance your movements in the gym. This complementary practice will help to enhance recovery and improve range of motion/mobility. We use foam rollers and massage balls to target specific soft tissue restrictions, and basic meditation and breathing mechanics to encourage performance and recovery.

Recovery is just as important as a good training routine. If the body does not recover through rest and self care we can be vulnerable to injury, burnout and lose the potential to grow muscle and improve overall fitness.

Group classes cannot be booked online, please contact us via the contact form or email info@realignmentlab.com to register!



Will be back in-person Spring 2024!
Mobility tools will be used in class, please bring your own if you are able (Mat, foam roller, yoga block/s, massage balls – large and small). We sell mobility equipment if needed.
Classes can be taken live or sent out recorded via Zoom for a flexible schedule.

Group classes cannot be booked online. Please contact us or email info@realignmentlab.com to register!


The ReAlignment Approach...
How does Amanda coach?

Body work and functional movement is the language Amanda speaks. She has a specific and detailed approach when it comes to coaching quality of movement. Understanding that each client is different, Amanda is able to adapt to their individual needs. She believes that correct movement patterns and alignment are powerful and life changing. Coming from a history of chronic pain, she has seen (and felt) how incredible the results are from proper postural and movement patterns, and how this can reverberate throughout the rest of our life.

Along with movement patterns, Amanda places a strong emphasis on mindset and our attitude towards our body, including our self efficacy and our attitude to pain. She understands that the mind, body and spirit are connected and sometimes it’s our mindset or attitude that can be holding us back, without even realising it.

Amanda strongly believes that the more time that is taken to learn and move correctly will result in the body instinctively moving better in all other pursuits. This approach helps participants to stay mobile, healthy and active long term. It is this ethos that underpins each and every session with our clients here at ReAlignment Lab.