"Creating a healthier workplace can increase employees' productivity, boost morale and lower stress and decrease employees' risk of injury, chronic diseases and burnout"

– ReAlignment Lab


Workplace Health and Fitness

Numerous studies support the advantages of providing healthy education to your employees, including increased productivity, decrease in sick days and time off and not to mention creating a happier workplace environment.
At ReAlignment Lab we love to coach groups of people and educate them on their health. We find that when you do this in a group environment you have created a small community where people can support and encourage each other well after our sessions have finished.
We aim to teach healthy habits including nutrition, posture and body mechanics, mobility and stretching techniques, and of course exercise and fitness.
All our workshops are offered at your workplace, we bring all equipment and tools needed.
Sessions can be offered in one off classes or create your own package to customise to your workplace or group function.

Workshops Available:


A different way to Bootcamp.

Our fitness classes focus on correct body weight training with a strong emphasis on body alignment and technique. We use different equipment to cross train the body, which will prepare you for all sports outside the gym, and general health and fitness.
Weekly classes are divided into upper and lower body training, but always include core and stability training to create a good foundation. We also include strength training and metabolic conditioning to increase cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

Functional Yoga and Mobility

Moving with mindfulness.

Our functional yoga and mobility classes are designed with every-body in mind. We aim to improve range of motion, increase mobility and aid in recovery. This is not a traditional yoga practice, and no previous yoga experience is necessary.
Classes involve some yoga poses and styles, along with the use of foam rollers and massage balls to target specific soft tissue restrictions.
We finish each session with some basic meditation and breathing practices to help decompress and encourage relaxation.

Ergonomic Workshop

What is good posture?

We’ve all heard about good posture, but what really is good posture? Or more importantly, what does good posture feel like?

We aim to introduce the five checkpoints of good posture and discuss ways to make the workplace more ergonomic.

This session will also introduce a quick mobility routine that any office can implement to increase the mobility and functionality of their employees.

Nutrition Workshop

What is healthy eating?

Understanding how to eat a balanced and nutritious diet can be confusing. We aim to eliminate the confusion by breaking down the fundamentals on healthy eating so we can educate our clients on what healthy eating looks like, what to pay attention to and how the right fuel can transform not only our bodies, but our frame of mind and our wellbeing.

Sports Team Training (minors)

For local sporting teams looking to add some cross training or functional fitness into their training schedule to help their athletes perform at their best.
Kyle has worked with a range of teams before including U18 girls and boys hockey teams and ZEP MTB athletes.

Reach out today to book and to help us create the perfect class for your workplace or function.